Convention Policies

Conjecture Weapons Policy

Conjecture prohibits the following items:

  • weapons prohibited under California law
    • see the California Dangerous Weapons Control Laws ( )
    • in particular, note California penal code sections 12020, 12550-12556, 653k, and 626.10
  • real firearms ( working, disabled, or otherwise)
  • metal blades (knives, swords, etc.)
  • loaded projectile weapons (airsoft guns, disc guns, etc.)
  • loaded water guns or other liquid “weapons”
  • any other potentially harmful weapons or props as determined by Conjecture Operations

Conjecture Restricts the following items:

  • unloaded projectile weapons (airsoft guns, discguns, etc.)
  • imitation firearms
  • practice swords
  • any prop which could be mistaken for an actual firearm
  • any other potentially harmful weapon or prop as determined by Conjecture Operations

If you have a potential weapon or potentially dangerous prop, please bring it to the Operations office upon arriving at the convention.

If an item is prohibited you will be asked to remove it from the premises.

Restricted items may not be carried or used outside of a scheduled event or worn as part of a “hall costume” unless approved by Operations and peace-bonded. Peace-bonding means that you allow us to put a bright plastic tie on your “weapon” indicating that it has been judged relatively harmless and/or is being bound into a holder of some type that renders it so. These ties can only be removed by cutting them, making it obvious if tampering should occur.

If the item is restricted but not approved for general use it may still be approved by Operations to be carried or used as part of a demonstration or exibition at a scheduled Conjecture event (such as a work shop or masquerade). Operations must approve the events at which such restricted items will be present.

Conjecture Operations may be able to pre-approve some weapons and props before the convention. A final determination, however can only be made after actually handling and inspecting the object in question.

If you have any questions please contact Conjecture Operations ( )

If Operations asks you to remove an item deemed a weapon, we ask that you take it imediately to your hotel room or off hotel property.

Conjecture will ask any attendee found wearing a potential weapon that has not been peace-bonded to go to the Operations office for approval.

Conjecture will deal with repeated offenses accordingly up to and including ejection from the convention without refund.