Iron Hack

Welcome to Fiction Stadium, where Chairman Conje pits hacks of various genres against each other in battle. Using secret ingredients contributed by the audience, they will improvise a round-robin story to see who is the ultimate Iron Hack!

Before the ad-lib extravaganza begins, the audience is given a chance to submit story elements, which will be used as ingredients.  The Fiction Hacks – a Science Fiction Hack, Fantasy Hack, Horror Hack, Cyberpunk Hack, and others — must use these ingredients.  The story grows the way a pearl grows in the mantle of an oyster:  via irritation!  The hacks take wicked delight in leaving one another with cliff-hangers…and in working their way out of them again.  The result is zany, irreverent, looney, sometimes obscene, always unpredictable, and usually breathtakingly absurd.  Check your sanity at the door, if you would dare partake of the offerings of the Iron Hack.


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