Conjecture is chock-full of programming.

Our programming schedule is now online.

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  • William H. Stoddard:

    In the course of going through the list of panel topics, I ran across the panel on “Net Brutality: Abuses of Power.” The description of it ends with the exhortation “Educate, vote, support net neutrality!”

    I think you should know that seeing that line totally killed my interest in seeing the panel. This is partly because I’m opposed to net neutrality, because I think that it would limit the ability of providers to compete by offering different kinds of services to specialized clienteles, restricting them to competing in technical efficiency, in which the biggest providers have an advantage, and thus favors monopoly over real competition. But I could deal with a panel where some of the panelists thought otherwise, as long as there was going to be real discussion of the question and diversity of viewpoints.

    But in exhorting the reader to support one specific viewpoint, the description strongly suggests that the panel’s function is to push a single politically orthodox conclusion—to preach at the audience. And that makes for a really dull discussion.

    I urge you not to push specific opinions in your panel descriptions, but to ask questions or point to topics, leaving it to the panelists to choose their own approaches. The diversity of opinions is one of the traditional glories of SF cons; I hope you will sustain it.

  • I sent off a suggestion for a panel on the difficulties of writing time travel stories. I thought I’d post it here too:

    The Tough Trick To Tackling Tempting Time Travel Tales

    Have you ever wondered what mental, logical and literary gymnastics writers go through when setting out “to pen” a time travel tale? No?! Well, while reading a time travel story or watching a time travel film have you ever found yourself consciously looking for flaws or contradictions? Yes?! Ok, then keep this in mind: the gymnastics writers go through always involve trying to keep one step ahead of you the reader by concealing those very things so you won’t find them! So….let’s talk!

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